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About Daybar
Company History
Established in 1964, Daybar began manufacturing steel frames during a period of extremely strong construction activity in Canada. Operating from a small facility located outside of Toronto, Daybar sold these frames directly to local contractors in the surrounding area.

Daybar's Head Office As the demand for building products remained strong throughout the 1970's, Daybar expanded into a larger facility located in Brampton, Ontario. It was at this new location that Daybar first produced hollow metal doors to sell with their metal frames. During this period, Daybar began to earn a reputation for producing quality products amongst its growing customer base of local contractors and building owners.

As the use of zinc coated steel began to dominate the Canadian automotive industry in the late 1970's, Daybar followed this trend by changing the base material for their steel doors and frames from cold rolled steel to a zinc iron alloy galvanneal steel. The added rust protection of this product was immediately recognised by Daybar's customers and within a few years, galvanneal became the standard material used for steel doors and frames produced in Canada.

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In the 1980's, Daybar continued growth resulted from a major shift in the marketing focus of the company. The establishment of a nation wide distribution network was Daybar's mandate for this period. To support these goals, Daybar moved from a make-to-order to a make-for-stock orientation and maintained a full inventory standard sized doors and frames. By offering a combination of quality products, fast service and competitive pricing, Daybar formed distribution partnerships across Canada and enjoyed rapid growth during this period.

map of North America In the 1990's, with a network of distributors across Canada, Daybar made several major investments to maintain a strong competitive position in the marketplace. Automated forming and punching machines were purchased in addition to a fully integrated door assembly department. In the latter part of the decade, Daybar formed a segregated custom facility in an effort to improve lead times on non standard product.

As Daybar approached the year 2000, the mandate for the new Millennium is continued growth throughout North America and abroad. The commitment to quality, service and price will remain the focus of the company for the years ahead.

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